Go green options--notifications by phone or email

Rodman Public Library has decided to "Go Green" by offering an online service for those patrons with email addresses.

Any registered borrower may opt to have their hold pickup and overdue notices delivered to them via email. This helps the library save money on postage and printing costs. It also helps you save money on overdue fines by notifying you more quickly. Courtesy notices are also emailed to you a day or two before your items are due so you can return them or renew them.

There are two ways for patrons to take advantage of this service.

  1. If patrons are in the library and checking out materials, a staff member will ask to verify the email address on file. They will also ask if the patron would like to receive email or telephone notices.
  2. Patrons can also change their preferences themselves by logging into their record. To do this, go to http://roc.rodmanlibrary.com/patroninfo. Click the 'Modify Personal Information' link in the middle of the screen, verify the email address and select either telephone or email as the preferred method of receiving notices. Click the submit button when finished.Modify personal information