James Willis to give glimpse into paranormal investigation

James Willis
Author and paranormal investigator James Willis will give a glimpse into The Ghosts of Ohio, a nationally recognized paranormal investigation group, when he visits Rodman Public Library Oct. 18.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on a real hunt for ghosts?

What do paranormal researchers actually do and say? Do all of those instruments they show on TV really work? Do you always find at least something just a little bit interesting or is it usually a bust?

Just in time for Halloween, James A. Willis will give some insight when he presents “Meet The Ghosts of Ohio” at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 18 in the Rodman Public Library Auditorium.

Willis, a nationally known paranormal researcher and author, is quite an expert on the subject of nearly everything unusual.

A native of the Hudson Highlands of upstate New York, the same stomping grounds as the Headless Horseman, Willis says his interest in all things strange and the unexplained was fueled by a childhood diet of Boo Berry cereal, Creepy magazine and late-night Vincent Price movies.

After spending more than 15 years visiting various crybaby bridges and chasing other ghosts, he moved to Ohio and founded The Ghosts of Ohio (ghostsofohio.org). The organization, which is dedicated to investigating and researching reported hauntings in the state of Ohio, has grown to well over 35 members with divisions in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, making it one of the oldest and most-active organizations of its kind in the state.

Now living in Columbus, Willis has also authored several books, including “The Big Book of Ohio Ghost Stories,” “Ohio’s Historic Haunts,” and “Central Ohio Legends & Lore.” He has also contributed to six books in the Weird US series.

During his visit to Rodman Library, Willis will explain what it’s really like to go looking for ghosts and whether or not it’s at all like all of those popular reality TV shows.

He will also share some of his findings from across the state over the past 17 years, including some ghostly audio, video and photographs. If that doesn’t scare those in attendance away, Willis will demonstrate some of the equipment used during his investigations and give those in the audience a chance to try the instruments on their own.

To get in on the frightful fun, patrons should register on Rodman Library’s online calendar or call 330-821-2665, ext. 107.