AIS Bottle Cap Mural To Be Displayed at RPL

AIS Bottle Cap Mural
Two of the three panels of a bottle cap mural created by art students of Renee Marincheck. The full mural will be on display from May 8 through May 26 inside the gallery at Rodman Public Library.

A unique piece of artwork will be on display at Rodman Public Library during May.

From May 8 through May 26, a bottle cap mural created by students at the Alliance Intermediate School under the direction of art teacher Renee Marincheck, will be exhibited inside the gallery at RPL.

The mural, which measures 12 feet wide and 8 feet tall, contains approximately 9,792 bottle caps of different sizes and colors that were collected by students, families, and area businesses and civic organizations.

Other mural materials were donated by Carter Lumber, Sherwin Williams and Home Depot of Streetsboro.

Approximately 400 students had a part in creating the mural by collecting, sorting, painting and individually attaching the caps to the mural with a screw. They were aided by 13 volunteers who helped the students drill holes.