About Dewey and Herman

Dewey in his fishbowlOur children's site features our mascot based on Dewey the Goldfish who lived in a fishbowl in the Children’s Department at the Main Library on Broadway Street. Dewey was brought to life by Kathy Gray Farthing, a local illustrator and graphic artist who owns Farthing Graphic Design.

For our new website, Kathy has created a friend for Dewey, named Herman the Hermit Crab.

Herman the Hermit Crab

Dewey is also available in PDF form to print out and color:


Dewey the Artist

Dewey the Detective

Dewey and Friend Play Checkers

Here are some pictures of Dewey engaged in various fun library activities:

Dewey enjoys a book

Dewey Reads a Good Book

Dewey the artist

Dewey the Artist

Dewey and a friend enjoy a game of checkers

Dewey Enjoys Playing Checkers with a Friend

Dewey reads to a friend

Dewey Reads to a Little Friend

Dewey listens to music

Dewey Listens to Music

Dewey looks for clues

Dewey Looks for Clues to a Mystery

Dewey enjoys the summer

Dewey Enjoys the Summer Sunshine

Dewey waves and thanks you for visiting

Dewey Waves and Says, "Thank You for Visiting!"