RPL Partners with StarkFresh to Provide Seed Library

Rodman Library is partnering with StarkFresh to bring a “Seed Library” to Alliance.

Beginning on Friday, March 1, vegetable and flower seeds will be displayed in the Library’s wooden card catalog located in the Library’s front lobby. 

Patrons may browse through the catalog and take the free seed packets of items they are interested in growing. The seed packets offered are the same ones seen in most retail stores with corn, beans, peas, squash, herbs, beets, radishes, watermelon, lettuce, cucumbers, cantaloupe, gourds, a few root vegetables such as turnips, and a wide variety of flowers. 

The free seeds will be available through May 31 while supplies last.

To learn more about the StarkFresh organization, which is based in Canton, visit www.starkfresh.org.